28-Day Burpee And Swing Challenge

An insane kettlebell challenge, but anyone can do it and the results will be amazing! Your cardiovascular endurance will shoot through the roof and you’ll also increase muscular endurance, grip strength, fat loss, strength, flexibility, mental toughness, and so much more…


Do you want to get super fit? Do you want some structure and routine for 28 days?
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All you need is one kettlebell


The Challenge

  • Decide what number of reps you will complete every day of the challenge
    • 20; or
    • 30; or
    • 40; or
    • 50
  • Decide how you break that number up, sets of 5, 10, etc.
  • Each day requires less than 10 minutes of your time

We’re starting on the 1st of September 2022 in two of our main online communities Kettlebell Workout and CrossFit At-home Workouts.

The exercises are:

  1. CrossFit Burpee
  2. Single-Arm Kettlebell Swing



On the last day of the challenge, you should be able to complete all reps unbroken, meaning, you move from performing all your burpees straight into kettlebell swings on one arm into the other arm. That means, if you pick 50 as your reps, then you want to aim to do 50 unbroken burpees and 50 unbroken swings on each arm. In other words, 150 reps were completed unbroken. It can be done and it has been done.


Anyone can join for free, that is option 0. Option 1 is where you really commit to this, because after all, saying “you’re in” is easy, but committing is another thing.



  • Option 0 is FREE and the information for the challenge is presented above
  • Option 1 is $9.95 to COMMIT and for that you get:
    • One handy PDF with all info on the challenge and exercises
    • Challenge results tracker
    • Strategy information
    • Information on efficiency
    • To stay on the mailing list for:
      • Motivation
      • Reminders
      • More…
  • Option 2 is $14.95 and gives you everything from option 1 plus:
    • Information on exercise techniques to stay safe and avoid:
      • Ripped hands
      • Lower back pain
      • Knee pain
      • Tendon problems (around the elbow)
    • Alternatives and progressions
    • No-Excuses Flexibility
      • 40-minute video on flexibility for office and home workers
      • Ebook
  • Option 3 is $29.95 and gives you everything from option 2 plus:

Make no mistake, option 3 is a one-time super offer and only for participants of the challenge. The total value is over $150. The No-Excuses Flexibility is our latest product and will be super beneficial when combined with this challenge. You spend 10 minutes on the challenge and 10 minutes on stretches and other movements to increase your flexibility and at the end of the challenge, you’re not only super fit but also super flexible.


Why you should commit!




With option 2 we give you the option to request a refund on info@cavemantraining.com within 30 days of start and only if you completed the challenge successfully.


Make sure you join one or several of our groups and post daily. Post a video, post a photo, post only text, but post something to stay in the game and help to motivate others. You can also post questions.

a) Kettlebell Workout 34,600 members; or
b) CrossFit At-Home Workouts 26,402 members; or
c) Cavemantraining 1,586 members; or
d) Kettlebell Training  16,398 members; or
e) Kettlebells For Complete Beginners 3,100 members



The numbers to choose from are not high. The objective is to increase your cardiovascular and muscular endurance, grip, mental toughness, and to complete your numbers unbroken for all days of week 4. And above all, the objective is to master these two exercises, put everything into them, and master the form and technique. At the end of your 28 days, you want your burpee and swing to be super smooth.


How to Join?

Join the mailing list here, join the groups listed above, and get started when we start or start whenever you get to this page after the 1st of September 2022.


How to Post?

Post your video, photo, or text in one of our groups listed above, or you can post on your timeline and tag Cavemantraining or Instagram @realCavemantraining and queenofbells. But whatever you do, stay active and post each day to stay part of the challenge and help motivate others. Hashtag #cavemantraining #burpeeswingchallenge


What Not to Do?

We do not want to see flurpees.



  • Q. Do I need to stick to the number I chose?
    A. Yes
  • Q. What weight do I swing?
    A. Pick a weight that allows you to work each day for the next 28 days. Remember, if you do single-arm swings and 50 reps, that’s 100 swings per day.
  • Q. If I’m not performing my number unbroken by day 22 have I failed?
    A. As long as you’ve given it your all and made some progress you have not failed. You also still got 6 more days to get to that unbroken set. Push a little harder!
  • Q. I don’t have time to do this every day, can I still participate?
    A. Make time! It’s only 10 minutes or much less.
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