28-Day Burpee And Swing Challenge

An insane kettlebell challenge, but anyone can do it and the results will be amazing. Cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, grip strength, flexibility, fat loss, strength, flexibility, mental toughness, and more…



You decide what number you will complete every day of the challenge, 20, 30, 40, or 50.

You decide how you break that number up, sets of 5, 10, etc. BUT, your aim is to do it unbroken. That means, if you pick 50, then you want to aim to do 50 unbroken burpees and 50 unbroken swings on each arm.

Each day requires less than 10 minutes of your time.

The time is now, let’s do this.



The alternative for the CrossFit burpee is:

  • Jump burpee (without the push up)
  • Burpee (without the jump)


The alternative for the single-arm swing is the double-arm swing.


The alternative for unbroken reps is breaking it up into any set of reps that suits you.


My own strategy was to aim for 50 unbroken burpees and swings, but if I felt something in the body, then I would break my sets up into 25, perhaps even 20, 15, and 15. I made sure I was able to perform the full 7 days of the last week unbroken.

Your objective is to program so that you will be able to complete your number unbroken during the last 7 days of the challenge. So, pick a number that is above what you know you can do today. For example, if 10 unbroken burpees are your current best, then you pick 20 as your daily reps.

The first week you would stick to that as your sets, then in the second week, you increment the number by 1, and keep doing this until you reach your number unbroken.



Make sure you join one or several of our groups and post daily. Post a video, post a photo, post only text, but post something to stay in the game and help to motivate others. You can also post questions.

a) Kettlebell Training  16,398 members; or
b) Kettlebell Workout 28,910 members; or
c) Cavemantraining 1,586 members; or
d) CrossFit WOD—We got workouts! 28,202 members; or
e) Kettlebells For Complete Beginners 1,545 members



The numbers to choose from are not high, it’s not our objective to end the challenge and be able to say you have done high-volume. The objective is to increase your cardiovascular and muscular endurance, grip, mental toughness, and do your number unbroken for all days of week 4. And above all, the objective is to master these two exercises, put everything into them, master the form and technique. At the end of your 28 days, you want your burpee and swing to be super smooth.


How to Join?

Joining the challenge is completely FREE, you just start on the 1st of any month and keep posting every day in our groups OR post on your timeline and tag Cavemantraining!

How to Post?

Post your video, photo, or text in one of our groups listed above on the post for that day, or you can post on your timeline and tag Cavemantraining or even on Instagram @realCavemantraining or queenofbells. But whatever you do, stay active and post each day to stay part of the challenge and help motivate others. Hashtag #cavemantraining #burpeeswingchallenge


What Not to Do?

We do not want to see flurpees.



  • Q. Do I need to stick to the number I chose?
    A. Yes
  • Q. What weight do I swing?
    A. Pick a weight that allows you to work for each day for the next 28 days. Remember, if you do single-arm swings and 50 reps, that’s 100 a day.
  • Q. If I’m not performing my number unbroken by day 22 have I failed?
    A. As long as you’ve given it your all and made some progress you have not failed. You also still got 6 more days to get to that unbroken set. Push a little harder!
  • Q. I don’t have time to do this every day, can I still participate?
    A. Make time! It’s only 10 minutes or much less.
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