Kettlebell Hang Clean Tips And Slow-motion

This is a video with some quick kettlebell hang clean tips and slow-motion footage so you can analyze and see what’s going on during this awesome exercise.

A quick breakdown of what is covered in the video:

  • Don’t pause and let the bell hang
  • Straight up and down
  • Transition to a hook grip
  • Keep the bell close to you
  • Use a good racking position
  • Use a squat movement
  • Power the exercise with your legs
  • Catch the weight and don’t let it bang

In our private online weekly coaching and workout group I cue some of our members with “reach for your gun”, this is to get that elbow going back and making space for the arm so it can stay close, which in turn will keep the kettlebell close. This is on the way down, but also on the way up. If you review the slow-motion footage in the video you might now notice this movement more so than before.

A great workout with hang cleans is one of the kettlebell workouts designed by Cavemantraining called Quicksilver.  Have a go at this workout now that you know more about the hang clean and want to train high reps to perfect your clean.



  • 50 hang cleans
  • 50 single arm swings
  • 50 half snatches

Repeat 3 times

This is just one workout from many in our kettlebell workout books available in our shop, on Amazon, Google, and iTunes.

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