Are doctors bad? Should you see a Doctor?

THE WORLD SAYS “Doctors are bad”.

Yes, I’m generalizing but I’ll quickly get to the point. The world is waking up to the fact that a lot of medical doctors are absolute shit and cause more damage than healing. I will explain why.

First, let’s talk about why doctors are good. Without a doubt, there are plenty of amazing doctors/surgeons that truly perform miracles. A lot of people owe their lives to them. I’m not here to shine a light on them today and I trust they’ll forgive me for saying that a lot of medical doctors are shit, it has to be said, and I’ll say it. Here’s why:


1. People are brought up to blindly trust ‘their doctor’ from a young age. It’s ok, just take what they prescribe. Don’t worry about what’s in there, just take it, shoot it up your veins, swallow it, or drink it. They know what they’re doing, they studied for many years. Years later “Sorry, we were wrong”. F that!

2. Medical doctors from my experience and talking to others, in general, don’t prescribe movement/exercise or nutrition/diet as a cure, they only prescribe medicine which acts like band-aids, i.e. they don’t get to the root cause of the problem. You come back for more, it requires you to take Klonopin to fight the side effects of Ativan, and then you need to take Clonazepam to fight the side effects of that combination, and so on.

3. You take a pill for anxiety, a pill for sleeping, a pill for waking up, a pill to feel happy, a pill to digest your food, a pill to poo, a pill to lose weight, a pill to think, a freaking pill for everything which the body already naturally has the solution for. It’s called TRAINING, train your mind to be calm, train your stomach to digest your food (proper diet), train your mind to be happy. Physical exercise, a good diet, and calmness from nature cure SO MUCH! Education on how your body works and using common sense is key, not relying on what others prescribe for you.

Pills are for lazy people (context). People too lazy to exercise, too lazy to look after their diet, too lazy to learn about the body and mind, too lazy to progress, too lazy to think for themselves. As with anything, of course, there are exceptions to all this, but in general, this is how it is. Nature is amazing, it invented something natural for everything.

Get to the root cause!

If you’re not getting to the root cause it’s the same as having a splinter in your finger that causes an infection, you fix the infection but leave the splinter in. Pretty soon you’ll get the same infection again. There are plenty of things in the medical world that I don’t agree with and have a very strong opinion on, I won’t express them as I hope you’ll spare some love for me, I know right know you’re probably thinking “what an idiot”, and I don’t blame you, it’s hard to see these things for what they are. So, if we can agree that I’ll still like you even though you don’t agree with me, and you’ll still like (or at least put up with me) even though you don’t agree with me, then I guess we can agree to disagree.  But, if you happen to agree, make sure you give this article a LIKE and a SHARE.


I love doctors that:

  • mend broken bones
  • stitch up cuts
  • perform surgical procedures that improve life
  • get to the root cause of issues
  • understand the body
  • are physically active
  • are mentally aware


I don’t care for doctors that:

  • prescribe modern pharmaceutical medicine
  • don’t lead a healthy lifestyle to set an example
  • smoke
  • take a kickback of what they prescribe
  • move people through like a herd

Yes of course I understand, doctors are busy, they need to move people through like a herd, but without getting deep and spending time, you can’t get to the root. If the whole system improved, there would be fewer people in the waiting room and they’d be able to spend more time and get to the root. There!


So, are doctors bad?

Not all doctors are bad, but in general, as it stands today, and totally my own opinion plus many people I know or hang around with, yes, most doctors are bad. Bad in the way that they really don’t know how to truly heal or get to the root cause.


Build a house on an unreliable rotten foundation and trying to hide it with a new rooftop is the same as popping pills for this and that. The root cause is not going to be fixed. Have a headache regularly, start looking at what’s in your diet that could be causing it, something in your environment, stress, perhaps the spine. The spine is cause for a lot of issues, that is, a weak unsupported spine, a spine that has no strong muscles around it to keep it in the shape it should be, to protect it from damage, and so on. If I have a recurring headache, then I look at what has changed? Too much coffee, stress, food, too much of other things? I cut it out, I’m better.

The feet are a cause for a lot of things, keep those things hidden in stinky hot wet squishy (but expensive and good looking, whoopee) uncomfortable shoes all day long, and your foundation goes, that upon which everything is built, next are your ankles, your knees, your hips, your spine, shoulders, neck, and your internals. I know I might sound like a salesman when I say proper kettlebell training truly changes people for the better, but if it helps just 10 people, I’ve done my job.


Once more, there are exceptions, those exceptions are. You’ve laid a good foundation, meaning, your diet is good, your physical activity is sufficient, your mental stimulation is taken care of, and your mental wellbeing is looked after. The doctor helped you with that, you’ve done what you can, you know you’re not lazy or taking the easy way out…


NB: These findings are totally based on that from a person who doesn’t see doctors (for medicine), eats healthy, works out regularly, works on keeping the mind healthy, and also happens to be physically healthy and happy. A fluke? Yeah, I could just be lucky that most of my life has been like that or it could be that I am doing something right. Hell, I might drop dead tomorrow, you’ll all have a laugh then, of course, but… I lived a happy life which I’m happy to cut short if that meant quality.

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