Kettlebell Fundamentals Trainer L3.0


    One is simply not qualified to call themselves a kettlebell trainer without having passed this course and demonstrated knowledge of all kettlebell training fundamentals.


    Those who successfully pass, receive a certificate, and be allowed to truly call themselves a certified Caveman Kettlebell Trainer under Cavemantraining, or:

    • Certified Kettlebell Trainer L3.0
    • Kettlebell Training Fundamentals Trainer Level 3.0
    • KB Fundamentals Trainer Lvl 3.0
    • KB Trainer L3.0

    *the word trainer can be replaced with “instructor” as such: Certified Kettlebell Instructor L3.0
    *the name Cavemantraining can be used in the context of: Certified Kettlebell Trainer L3.0 Under Cavemantraining

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    Why take this course?

    Apart from the fact that this is the only course that lays such a proper foundation for kettlebell training, and that the material has been put together over a decade, you should take this course and lay the foundations to become a kettlebell PRO trainer.

    We don’t jump straight into the swing, these are the fundamentals; everyone, I mean everyone needs to know these!


    How does it work?

    Anyone anywhere in the world can participate in this online course, all you need is an internet connection, and recording device in the form of a smart phone, go-pro or camera.

    Directly after you sign-up you will receive several links to download the study material in the form of PDF, audiobook, and/or video. You can then study at your own pace, complete exams, and submit assessments at your own leisure, as long as that’s within the time assigned to complete this course. You will get your own assessor whom you can communicate with and ask questions.

    What can do you after passing?

    When you successfully pass this course, you will have a sound understanding of how to work safely with kettlebells, use them in training, and/or train clients in the most important and popular kettlebell moves. You will understand how to progress clients step by step from knowing nothing to swinging, pressing and other popular kettlebell exercises.



    The material covered is extremely detailed but not complicated nor difficult, anyone can learn what is taught, those who’ve been training for several years, or have a trainer background quite possibly will already know a quarter of the course and can pass with flying colours.


    How long does it take?

    A seasoned kettlebell enthusiast could potentially go through the material, complete the exams, submit the assessments and pass in two to three days. A novice to kettlebell training could potentially do the same thing in 4 to 5 days. Most people like to take their time and spend several hours a week reading, completing one or two exams and submit an assessment, as long as there is regular time devoted to the course each week, one can complete this course within 4 weeks on average. Each participant will have 3 months to complete the course, no exceptions other than those requests for extension on physical assessments, meaning that an extension can be provided, for example, to brush up on your technique and submit your video(s) up to 6 months after start of the course.


    Pass requirements

    Cavemantraining has an extremely high standard and a 90% pass grade is required to receive a certificate. The exams are open book. The assessments are physical and need to be correct before receiving a pass score, the physical assessments are the only parts of this course for which an extension can be requested, which will be assessed on case by case basis. There are no physical demands that will be put on the students like having to complete 100 reps of a certain exercise, technique and the ability to teach is what will be judged. When you continue your education with us you will have plenty of opportunities to go through physical and mental challenges to test your ability, this is not that stage.


    What’s included?

    • Ebook(s)
    • Video(s)
    • Audiobook(s)
    • Assessor time:
      • Up to 1 hour for private training should you need it
      • Up to 3 hours for assessing submitted video, and communication
        *on average only half of that is consumed
    • Course access
    • Certificate of successful passing or participation


    When do I need to re-certify?

    Any trainer that advertises their certification needs to re-certify every 5 years. The cost for re-certification is never more than 25% of the initial certification cost. Your previous certification level is automatically renewed if you take the next level certification, whether passing or not. That means if after 4 years you want to stay current, you can take level 3.1 and no matter what, this keeps your L3.0 active, hence, valid for another 5 years.


    Does online certification provide the same quality?

    Yes absolutely, and even better. Most physical certifications are usually completed within 1 or 2 days, our online certification takes longer than that and provides the student with the time to study properly, and repeat subjects that might require additional work. Each student learns differently and might require different levels of assistance, with our extremely high quality course each student will receive study material in different formats, audio, visual to learn at their pace, and even receive assistance from our top kettlebell trainers.


    Course Materials

    Ebook, Audiobook and Videos.

    Course Content

    Lessons Status

    Welcome Introduction, course explanation, how to navigate, your assessor and other important info to complete this course smoothly. 20 minutes


    Introduction to the Kettlebell Fundamentals Trainer Course Introduction to the course. 10 minutes


    What is Kettlebell Training? Intro to kettlebell training, benefits, why train, and working out vs training. 30 minutes


    Kettlebell Safety How to train safely with kettlebells, regression, shoulder packing, are kettlebell safe and more. 25 minutes


    Warming Up for Kettlebell Training How to prepare the body for exercise. 10 minutes


    Which Kettlebell to Choose and Why? Attributes of the kettlebell explained so you can make an informed choice. 10 minutes


    Kettlebell Grips Why grips are so important and can make a world of difference, 25+ grips covered, angle of the thumb and exam. 80 minutes


    Basic Double Arm Swing Instructions One way to swing a kettlebell, squat versus hip hinge, definitions, and exam. 45 minutes


    Kettlebell Racking and Cleaning The importance of cleaning and racking, common mistakes, clean variations, swing clean, dead clean, racking, and exam. 60 minutes


    Kettlebell Pain Things that can cause pain and other annoyances, and research assignment. 60 minutes


    Kettlebell Golden Rules Intro to the golden rules. 10 minute


    Overhead Press Basics for the overhead kettlebell press, and exam. 25 minutes


    Kettlebell Rows 20 minutes


    Stretching Introduction to stretching. 30 minutes


    Finals 60