NOTDONEYET2.0 Kettlebell WOD for Those Who Like Punishment

Here's the workout for Sunday 8th of October 2017, it's an amazing combination of exercises, 2 AMRAP and one TASK FOR...


This weeks Kettlebell WOD is called The Deadly SIXFOURFOUR EIGHTY. Three short AMRAPs and 1 task FOR TIME all in one session....

Kettlebell Beach Workout

4 pulling and 1 pushing exercise, the hang clean, half snatch, chin-up and pull-up are all pulling exercises. If you want...

Kettlebell Workout NEMESIS

This workout is well suited for anyone doing GPP, but particularly well suited for Crossfitters, MMA and BJJ fighters. One workout with...
Biceps and triceps workout

Brachium Superius—MAX BICEP & TRICEP PUMP!

This awesome biceps and triceps workout Brachium Superius includes the best of the best tools to give your upper arms that amazing pump you're looking for. There is barbell, kettlebell, trx, dipping bar and pull-up bar work involved. Holding your protein shake after this workout is even going to be an effort.
Overhead lockout with thoracic extension

Overhead Lockout for Kettlebells and CrossFit Barbell

If you've got good shoulder mobility, then your overhead position is good... Wrong! There is more to a good overhead position than just...
Squat dead curl press

Kettlebell Combo: Squat Dead Curl Press

This is currently one of my favourite kettlebell combo's, I used it last week in one of our Caveman WODs. Because...
EMOM No Juanita

EMOM ‘No Juanita’: progression is key!

EMOM: every minute on the minute. Or as we've been calling it for years - Caveman Strength Click to skip to video Click to...

Super Heavy Workout – Pesado ‘Paola’

I loved this super heavy kettlebell session with all my favourite kettlebell exercises. I call it Pesado 'Paola' and it involves...
Kettlebell racking position

10 Steps To Find Your Kettlebell Racking Position Easily

  "Finding your kettlebell racking position is not always easy, I have heard many different reasons that could be the problem, like;...

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