The Kettlebell Dead Clean Tutorial

The dead clean tutorial to end all tutorials.

If you’ve watched the intro video to the kettlebell dead clean and are here to unlock the 4:30 long detailed video, or download the 9 pages long PDF.


In the extremely detailed video that you can unlock further below, you will find references to:

  • Look ahead
  • Full racking position
  • Controlled landing
  • Accelerated pull
  • Drop and pull-out
  • Hips low and shoulders high
  • Float, open up,  insert, and catch
  • Drop and pull back
  • Extended elbow
  • Pull with the legs



Look Ahead

No need to look at the kettlebell. Maintain a good form and spinal alignment. Keep your sight ahead and not down.


Full Racking Position

End up in full racking position, even if your next rep is another dead clean. Complete the full movement and don’t get sloppy.


Controlled Landing

Don’t let the bell just crash on the floor. Control the descent and gently put the kettlebell back dead on the ground.


Accelerated Pull

The pulling speed needs to increase. Accelerate and generate enough power to make the weight enter its ballistic flight.


Drop and Pull-out (Regrip)

Let the kettlebell drop back down, pull the hand back out, transition back into hook grip (regrip).


Hips Low and Shoulders High

This is not a hip hinge, it’s a squat, drop your hips low and keep your shoulders high.


Ballistic Flight, Open,  Insert, and Catch

Make the weight enter its ballistic flight, i.e. get it to the point where you no longer power it but it will keep moving, then open the hand, let the bell come around, and insert the hand into the window to catch the weight.


Drop and Pull Back

While the bell drops, pull the elbow back to get that weight falling down close to you, if you do not pull it back then the kettlebell will move away from the body.


Extended Elbow

Pull with legs, not with the elbow flexors. This means you keep the elbow extended for as long as is required to generate the right amount of power with the legs.


Make sure you download our free 9-page tutorial which has 26 steps listed on how to perform the kettlebell dead clean, 10 step-by-step photos, more details on the steps, and common mistakes made.


Unlock the detailed video below.



If you think that’s all there is to know about the clean, you’re dead wrong, check out Master The Kettlebell Clean.

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