Caveman circuit workout CT201200860

Caveman Circuit program CT201200860 ‘Fighting Fit’

Download the Caveman Circuit program CT201200860 as a PDF for free below, the PDF contains exercise descriptions, circuit details, muscle groups worked and more.

Get ready to work – and work hard – with this circuit for intermediate and advanced exercisers. In fact, it’s killer workouts like these that give Cavemantraining its reputation. This session incorporates mixed martial arts (MMA) moves, plyometrics, weight training, and endurance training to give you a tough workout that will challenge all aspects of your fitness.

In this seven-station circuit, you’ll be training like a real fighter, and learning strikes, drills, and moves that martial artists use. You’ll build strength and power in the major muscle groups in both your upper and lower body. You’ll also build up your core since your abs and lower back will need to be constantly engaged throughout the exercises. As you’ll be working in almost continuous bursts of intense activity, this circuit will also bring your cardiovascular fitness to the next level.

You’ll go through the circuit three to four times, spending 45 seconds at each station. Each exercise is meant to be performed as explosively as possible. When you’re asked to kick, jump or punch, perform each repetition as powerfully as you can. No easing off after the first few repetitions! Once you’re done with one station, go straight to the next. No breaks, no rest periods, just lots of sweat and hard work. But it’s not over until it’s all over – after you’ve completed the circuit, you’ll plunge straight into the Challenge, which will be 10 minutes of non-stop high-intensity hell – dips, push-ups and box jumps.

If you’ve watched MMA fights, you’ll know just how fit these elite athletes are. If you want to be anything like them, you’ll need to train just as intensely. Luckily, Cavemantraining will help you do just that. Keep training with us, and when we’re done with you, you’ll definitely be on your way to becoming fighting fit.

You can download the PDF below.

Caveman Circuit Training – program CT201200860

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