The Stiff-Legged Kettlebell Swing For Maximum Isolation

This is the stiff-legged kettlebell swing. A great dynamic movement to work on your flexibility. Super to get maximum glute isolation.

This is not a beginners exercise and you will get injured if you try this without:

  1. Good understanding of the hip hinge
  2. Full hip flexor and extensor control
  3. Hamstring flexibility
  4. Master the basic kettlebell swing


This is the purest form of a hip hinge, one joint only, the hip joint! Master the hip hinge with our book.


Stronger glutes = stronger squat + deadlift

Flexible hammies = a better squat + deadlift

Mobile hips = an easier squat + deadlift

TOTALS: A bloody exercise you should include in your training at least once a week.

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