Curtsy Deadlift

Kettlebell Curtsy Lunge Deadlift

In this video, I demonstrate the kettlebell Curtsy lunge deadlift. It’s a great kettlebell exercise to work on hip, ankle, and knee strength, but also flexibility. The exercise—like any kettlebell exercise—requires progression, if you skip that progression you will run the risk of injury. If the exercise injures you, it wasn’t the exercise but the

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CAVEMANROM—Kettlebells for flexibility and mobility

CAVEMANROM is all about kettlebell exercises for flexibility, stability, proprioception, strength, coordination, and everything else that increases mobility and range of motion. Increase range under load through proper progression.   Some of the exercises, but not limited to, are: 90/90 kettlebell windmill Kings combo Kettlebell folding windmill Kettlebell bent press Kettlebell windmill Kettlebell shinbox getup

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Kettlebell Jefferson Curl

This description and tutorial of the kettlebell Jefferson Curl is my description and experience with the Jefferson Curl. Hence, it might not align with other descriptions, uses, or teachings. Take and use the information as you see fit. First and foremost, the Jefferson Curl, like most movements that are not used by everyday people (but

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The Incredible Sots Press

One of the most incredible kettlebell exercises you can do for strength, flexibility and mobility in one. Every CrossFit box should incorporate this exercise in their mobility sessions. Before you attempt this exercise you will need to be able to squat deep properly, being able to keep the torso upright and heels on the ground.

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Tom Morrison

Think Joints Not Muscles

I have been training for almost 6 years now, in that 6 years you can almost write off the first 4 because in your infant training years you don’t really take anything in, but of course, you have abs now, so you must know what you’re doing right? Only this last year would I say

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