Shoulder mobility

Shoulder Warm-Up, Flexibility and ROM Exercises

The following exercises are part of the book Master The Kettlebell Press and are either great to include for warming up when kettlebell pressing, great for creating a better range of motion, or as an assistance exercise.

There are of course countless exercises and techniques that one can perform, we chose the following to include in our book. Some videos are listed further below, so make sure you log in to see them all.

  • Steve Cotters teacup
  • Shoulder rolls, forwards, backward and alternating
  • Shoulder dislocate stretch (horrible name)
  • One arm up one down
  • Arms in and out
  • Arm circles big
  • Arm circles small
  • Jumping jacks
  • Squats
  • Perform a press with light weight

And for assistance exercises:

  • Backward rocking
    start by going down on all fours, on the knees and hands, walk your hands out as flexibility allows, gently push your shoulders into the ground, push your hips into the ground, keeping your head in neutral alignment, gently rock backward a few times gently increasing shoulder range of motion each time. This can also be a great assistance exercise if you involve lat activation by coming forward onto locked-out arms and onto the toes into a plank position with everything locked out and engaging the lats
  • Armbars
    laying on the floor with one pressed kettlebell, slowly moving onto the opposite side of your body while keeping the kettlebell in place
  • Halos
    holding the kettlebell by the horns and bringing the kettlebell around the head
  • Overhead lock-out
    with one or two kettlebells in lock-out position, stand in position or walk around
  • Surrenders
    with one or two kettlebells in lock-out position, performing a reverse lunge into both knees on the ground kneeling and coming back up
  • Turkish get-ups
  • Windmills

Kettlebell armbar

Kettlebell around the body

Kettlebell halo

Backward rocking

Shoulder rolls

Conventional Windmill

Check out our book Master The Kettlebell Press for many more.

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