Bad Workout, Got Hurt! Did You Read The Label?

Not that I’m a big fan of medicine, but if you have to take some, you check the label first, right? Making sure it’s the right medicine, and right for your ailments? Again, not a fan of doctors, but if you’re not sure what’s wrong with you, you go to the doctor and ask them to prescribe you something, right?

Just like your health, if you’re wanting to get serious, you need to educate yourself about the effects of exercise, progression etc. so you can read the label. If you can’t read the label, you get a trainer to prescribe for you.

I’m not saying that getting a trainer is not good, quite the opposite, but when you get one, you need to listen, and learn. A good trainer is there to pass on their wisdom to you, progress you, and get you to a point where you understand the same, or surpass them. If you don’t get to know and understand your body, you will be going to the doctor for the rest of your life. If you don’t soak up the knowledge your trainer is passing on, you’ll be working with a trainer forever.

Getting back to my point, if you get injured in a workout, that doesn’t necessarily mean the workout was bad. You might have misunderstood its intentions, or how to adjust to your abilities. Just because the prescription says 10 reps of XYZ and a weight of 24kilo, doesn’t mean you’re in a state to handle those reps and weight. Just because the workout prescribes a windmill and bent press, doesn’t mean your thoracic mobility is able to handle the bent press with any weight at all. Maybe you’re still at a stage where you should only focus on the movement without weight, and half the reps.

If you use workouts from the internet that are not specifically designed for you, and you don’t have the knowledge to read the label, then you run the risk of getting injured. If you’re serious about your health and fitness, obtain the knowledge to train safely, progress safely, and read the labels.

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Prepare yourself, progress yourself, don’t get stuck on just overhead and squat mobility, look at the whole package, including rotation—something overlooked a lot. The following is a must to work on, if you want to live a free and mobile life, if you want to be able to move like a spring chicken in your 80’s, 90’s etc:

  • Hip hinge depth
  • Hip rotation
  • Squat depth
  • Overhead range
  • Shoulder extension
  • Shoulder rotation
  • Thoracic extension
  • Thoracic flexion
  • Thoracic lateral flexion
  • Thoracic rotation
  • Cervical mobility
  • Ankle mobility
  • Wrist mobility

Also working on stability and strength is a must, and even cardiovascular endurance is a great addition.

Most people get lazy, not old! —Taco Fleur

Most people get lazy, not old!
—Taco Fleur

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