7 Seated Kettlebell Exercises

7 Upper-Body Seated Kettlebell Exercises Without Legs

Here are 7 upper-body seated or laying down kettlebell exercises without legs.

Kettlebell exercises that work the upper body without involving the legs. It can be that your leg is in a cast, or you have broken your leg, foot, or toe. It can be that you have a groin injury. Whatever it is that prevents you from standing up and putting weight on the legs, hip, knee, or ankle joints, these exercises will allow you to keep working out.

These upper body exercises cover the following muscle groups:

  1. Triceps (upper arms)
  2. Biceps (upper arms)
  3. Deltoids (shoulders)
  4. Pectoralis (chest)
  5. Abdominals (upper)

And depending on whether you sit on the floor without support or on a chair with back support, you will also be involving the abdominals and hip flexors.

  1. Seated Shoulder Press
  2. Floor Crunch
  3. Seated Halo
  4. Seated Ribbons
  5. Seated Curls
  6. Floor Chest Press
  7. Floor Triceps Extensions

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