4 in 1 Kettlebell Workout—kettlebell workout full body

This workout was designed to incorporate aerobic, anaerobic, strength, and flexibility in one, to demonstrate the effectiveness of the kettlebell and our Cavemantraining kettlebell workouts.

This kettlebell workout is a full body workout that has four tasks:

  1. 4 minutes of alternating kettlebell swings
    2 minutes rest
  2. 4 minutes of kettlebell strict press
    AMRAP (switch at will)
    2 minutes rest
  3. 8 minutes of a kettlebell combo
    EMOM (switch each minute)
    4 minutes rest
  4. 3 to 5 rounds of kettlebell exercises for flexibility and mobility

Rx weight
Male 16kg
Female 12kg

The objective of the alternating swing in the first task is to provide an aerobic effect and warm the body up for what’s to come, that doesn’t mean you can skip your warm-up, it just means you’ll have an additional warm-up. I programmed alternating so that the weight provides sufficient resistance (for one arm) and the grip can last longer, possibly the full 4 minutes.

The kettlebell strict press in the second task is for strength, shoulders and core, yes, you’re also working your core in the strict press for stabilization and to provide a stable base to press from.

The kettlebell combo in the third task is carefully designed to tax the anaerobic system with a squat followed with a hang snatch. You can’t get any more compound than that! There are 8 minutes in this EMOM, you perform 8, 10, or 12 reps depending on your fitness, and for the first 4 minutes, you perform that amount per minute. If you complete the reps before the minute is up, you rest for the remainder of that minute. After 4 sets you reduce the reps by 2, so, if you started with 10, you do 8 for the last 4 minutes (per minute).

The last task is the windmill and overhead reverse lunge, of course, either of those is also great for strength, but they’re programmed for their effects on flexibility and mobility, in particular, shoulders and hips. The reverse lunge is great if you push the hips forward on the back leg to get deep into the hip flexors (front).

Kettlebell Workout

So, with this kettlebell workout, you’re getting maximum bang for your buck and get a cardio workout on different levels, a strength workout, and a mobility workout all in one.

Main muscles worked:

  1. Deltoids
  2. Erector spinae
  3. Glutes
  4. Quadriceps
  5. Trapezius
  6. Calves
  7. Hamstrings
  8. Obliques
  9. Abdominals
  10. Hip flexors
  11. And many more …

Pre-programmed Timer

Download the pre-programmed timer for this workout. You’ll need the Cavemantraining Workout Timer from Google Play. Below is a screenshot of the timer structure, it’s all ready for you to download and run, it can’t be any easier than this.

Workout Timer Structure

Download the timer here or see all pre-programmed timers available here. You need to have the workout timer app installed.


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