Kettlebell Complex Mjölnir—Strength and Cardio

The Mjölnir kettlebell complex is a selection of kettlebell exercises for strength and cardio. The complex consists of and is performed as:

  • Squat once
  • Alternating curls
  • Alternating bent-over rows
  • Clean once
  • Alternating hang cleans AKA Gorilla cleans
  • Seesaw press

3 alternating reps of each exercise which comes to a total of 6 reps per exercise.

It’s a full-body complex, as this complex hits the biceps, forearm rotators, wrist flexors, back muscles, gluteals, quadriceps, calves, deltoids, and so much more. The pace at which this is performed raises the heart rate. Best programmed as an EMOM (interval training) because an AMRAP would quickly tire the elbow flexors.

None of this is something you just do when you first walk into the gym, or even when you’ve been going to the gym for a while but never learned how to work with kettlebells. This complex not only requires you to understand how to clean, rack, grip, transition, but it also requires good squat mobility and an already strong back.

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