The Midgard Complex—Advanced Kettlebell Movements

First, let me start by saying, don’t do this at home, and it’s still a work in progress to make it smoother, but I felt it was time to demonstrate this beautiful complex that I’ve been working on. The movements are advanced and based on the Midgard Clean, which is a double kettlebell open palm clean and waiters clean with the additional exercises being the double kettlebell swing and snatch being tagged on.

Here’s what’s happening in the Midgard Complex, the kettlebells start dead on the ground, they are then pulled back into a backswing and cleaned with an open palm clean, the bells drop down into a backswing and then cleaned with a waiters clean, the bells are dropped into a backswing and kettlebell swing is performed, and finally, the complex ends with a half snatch from which the bells return back dead to the ground.

If you’re interested in learning more kettlebell cleans, including the ones that this advanced kettlebell movement is based upon, then check out the online kettlebell course or book called Master The Kettlebell Clean. Don’t forget to lay the fundamentals for kettlebell training first! Check out our kettlebell shop for books, videos, courses, and much more.

Not only do you need to know how to kettlebell clean for this kettlebell complex, but you also need to know how to kettlebell swing and kettlebell snatch.


Kettlebell Complexes

The Midgard Complex is a double kettlebell advanced complex. If you’re interested in kettlebell complexes for your workouts then check out the book Kettlebell Complexes Made Simple, this complex is not in it, but plenty of super awesome complexes are, and they’re broken down in such a way you can learn and use them. Check out the book.

Another awesome kettlebell complex you should check out is the Asgard Kettlebell Strength Complex, you won’t be disappointed!



If you missed the video at the top of the Midgard Complex, check it out here.

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