I named this WOD very creatively: Taco44.

Because it’s my 44th birthday today, I hope you share my pain and sweat today. Share your results below or on Facebook.

  • 44 bodyweight squats
  • 44 kettlebell combo: deadlift, dead clean, squat thruster
  • 44 burpees


My time: 14:45 with 2 x 16kg
Anna’s time 14:28 with 2 x 12kg

#wod #taco44 44 bodyweight squats 44 deadlift, dead clean, squat thruster combo with two bells, finish with 44 burpees. (y) Who’s in? Share the pain and sweat

Posted by Taco Fleur on Tuesday, 5 December 2017


Repeat 3 times

Training after the WOD

Submax weight overhead static hold, kettlebell or dumbbell.

  • 30 seconds each side
  • second round 25s each side
  • third round 20s each side
  • fourth round 15s each side
  • last round 10s each side

Choose weight carefully, so you can complete all sets without putting the weight down. Rest as much as needed between each rep.


Okay, so it’s my birthday. Everyone wants to know what presents I got. I’m not too worried about what presents I got today, I’m more interested in the wonderful people around me, my family, my dog, my training partners, the people I train, the awesome people on Facebook, that all is a present on it’s own, one I appreciate every day, and the only one I need.

Thank you all.

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