The Rock Workout (NOT DWAYNE)

Is a workout with a rock or rocks beneficial for you? Is it dangerous?

Yes, it is beneficial for you as the grip required works a whole new set of different muscles than it does with other weights. For example, a barbell or kettlebell clean is where the weight just hangs, all you need to do is hold on to it. When lifting a rock, you need to squeeze it as well so that you do not lose your grip. This action will require a lot more chest muscle activation. The grip is usually a lot wider, so you are working your grip/hand muscles differently.

Is it dangerous to lift rocks? Yes, it can be if you don’t pay attention. You need to be able to let the rock fall and move away from it without breaking or damaging anything around you, including yourself.


Why would you work out with a rock?

  • Because you don’t have other equipment
  • To work your grip
  • To work your chest more
  • Because it looks cool
  • To train other abilities
  • Because it can be fun


Overhead Lockout

The full arm lockout in the overhead press is going to be harder and might not be possible. It will depend on your flexibility and the width of the rock you’re using. Don’t force the full lockout but rather focus on keeping a good grip on the rock. You are also squeezing the weight overhead to prevent it from falling down, this might force the elbows to come out. In short, with a rock workout, you are not going for the beautiful perfect straight overhead lockout.


The Rock Workout

8 x dead clean and press
6-minute EMOM

2 minutes of rest

8 x dead clean and squat
6-minute EMOM

2 minutes of rest

6 x racked alternating reverse lunge and press
6-minute EMOM

2 minutes of rest

6 x overhead alternating reverse lunge
6-minute EMOM


EMOM stands for every minute on the minute, which means that at the start of every minute you perform the task at hand and rest for the remainder of the minute. Each task should leave you with about 20 to 10 seconds of rest before the next minute starts. Interval training.


The Rock Exercises

The exercises performed with the rock are as follows.


Clean And Press

Clean the weight up from the ground into a racking position and then press without movement from the lower body.


Clean And Squat

Clean the weight up from the ground into a racking position and then squat as low as you can go, whether that is a quarter, half, or full squat, it’s all good as long as it’s done with good form and technique.


Racked Alternating Reverse Lunge And Press

Dead clean the weight once, then keep it racked and perform an alternating lunge after which you perform a press. Continue the alternating lunge and press for as many times as indicated. However, stay safe and put the weight down if you need to, simply clean it up again and complete the reps.


Rock Overhead Alternating Reverse Lunge

Dead clean the weight and press it overhead once, then keep it overhead and perform overhead alternating lunges. You want to keep the palm of your hand under the weight to avoid the risk of the rock slipping. You change your grip during the clean and press.


Rock Dead Clean

The clean used is a dead clean as the weight returns dead to the ground for the clean. To make it easier for your grip on the rock, place the rock on another one so that it allows you to easily get your grip around the rock you are going to clean.


The Weight Of The Rock

The weight of the rock should be about 25 to 30kg (66lbs) but you should adjust it to suit your strength level. You want to finish each task (EMOM) with it being difficult and challenging but not dangerous.

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Inspired by Aram who we posted a video of on our channel here.

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