Are You Up For A Challenge?

We picked 5 of our toughest challenges, can you complete one?

Pick one, complete it, and post your results!


  1. The HULK Test
  2. 28 Day KB Swing Challenge
  3. 100 WBKC Challenge
  4. 500 Clean & Press Challenge
  5. ½ Snatch ½ Marathon Challenge


The HULK Test

The HULK Test is short 5 round interval workout to test every inch of you, can you smash hulk, or hulk smash you?! Summary:

  • 1 minute of strict presses
  • 2 minutes of half snatch into squat
  • 5 minutes rest

Full details here


28 Day KB Swing Challenge

It’s 28 days, so it’s not a short quick challenge. Some people completed over 14,000 reps, how many can you do? Full details here


100 WBKC Challenge

This challenge can be short, or it can be long, all depends on how long you take to complete 100 of the worlds best kettlebell combo!? Full details here


500 Clean & Strict Press Challenge

It’s not a jerk, it’s not a push press, in fact, it’s not a momentum press of any kind, this is a strict press press challenge. 500 alternating reps of clean and strict press to be exact. How many can you do unbroken, I think our current record is 300 unbroken. Full details here


½ Snatch ½ Marathon Challenge

Last but certainly not least, this is only 30 minutes no matter what, but can you handle not putting the kettlebell down for 30 minutes? Can you handle half snatches for that long? 370 with 16kg / 36lbs is the current record. Full details here


Post! No matter what your time is, no matter what your weight is, if you completed one of these challenges you deserve to be recognised, so, pick one, complete it, and post your results on our Facebook. Any questions you have will be answered if you post them in our forum.

Pick one and complete it! #challengeyourself #tough

Posted by Cavemantraining Magazine on Sunday, 11 February 2018

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