Let me tell you something, you’re not tough unless you completed a long cycle. A kettlebell long cycle is only 10 minutes, but the longest 10 minutes of your life! In this workout, you will work with two kettlebells for the first task, and be doing clean & jerks for 10 minutes unbroken.

After that, you rest for 4 minutes, then start your second task, which is hard, but nothing compared to your first task. The second task is:

2 strict press (concentric phase only)
4 gorilla cleans (one clean, equals one rep)
6 jump clap burpees
8 minutes AMRAP

That’s all there is to it, just 18 minutes of work. But if you’ve never done a kettlebell long cycle, and think you’re going to complete it with two medium weight kettlebells, my friend, you’re dreaming.

Completing 10 minutes without putting the kettlebells down is a mental challenge, also a physical challenge, but mental first! You need to have good technique or you won’t even get past the first two minutes. Knowing how to rack properly is key. Which is funny, because no one ever downloads the PDF.

Okay, so you might be new to all this, and you have questions. It’s your lucky day, Cavemantraining just launched it’s Q&A forum, you ask, we answer. Use it…

Completed the workout? Post, no matter what your rep count is, no matter what your rounds are, post, because completing a Cavemantraining workout is not nothing.

TIP: Want to give up in the first 10 minutes? Start your next rep…

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