The HULK Test—Can you smash it?

The HULK Test is an incredibly well-designed kettlebell workout/test.
Complete it to release your inner beast!


The test is as follows:

  • 1 minute of strict presses with double kettlebells weighing approx. 70% of your 1RM
  • 2 minutes of half snatch into a squat with double kettlebells of medium weight
  • 5 minutes rest
    If you’re working with a partner then it’s 1-minute rest (see PDF for full details)

5 rounds AMRAP


 How good can you smash it? 


1 minute of pure strength! Focus and determination to push those reps out, then straight into 2 minutes of giving it your all, explosive movement followed by a good deep squat. 3 minutes to pull everything out of the tank, then rest, and do it five times in total.


To calculate your score, add up the total weight of your strict press plus the weight used for the snatch and squat, times that by the total reps at the end. If you dropped down in weight during the test (no harm in that, stay safe), then your lowest weight is used for this calculation.

My score was:

  • 22kg + 22kg for strict press equals 44kg (97lbs)
  • 16kg + 16kg for snatches and squat equals 32kg (70lbs)
  • Total of 76kg times 134 equals 10184
  • Hence, my score is 10184

Rx for strict press 2 x 20kg for male, and 2 x 16kg for female
Rx for snatch and squat 2 x 16kg for male, and 2 x 12kg for female

*Snatch plus squat equals 1 rep

Below is the scoring card, how did you smash it? No matter your result or weight, you post on Facebook, now.

The HULK Test

“Any last words?”

“Hulk… SMASH!”



The HULK Test is a test of fitness, a test of strength, are you in? Download the PDF with over 10 pages of information, scoring card, half snatch step-by-step, more details on the workout, how to work with a partner, movement standards and more. The PDF also includes the female scoring card.

If you missed the video at the top of the page, check it out on YouTube

Release your inner beast


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