FUSION4.5 Kettlebell Workout

I named this workout FUSION4.5 as I’m bringing together several different things in one workout. I really enjoy using my rest time for stretching and mobility. I’ve decided to program it more for public workouts as well.


If you’re still working on technique then I suggest picking a light to medium weight and stick with that. In this workout I started with 2 x 24kg first round, 2 x 20kg second and third round, 2 x 16kg for the rest of the rounds.

Fusion as in the workout combines bodyweight exercises, strength, endurance, and stretching.

  1. 1 minute of deep squat and push-up
  2. 1 minute of dead clean into the alternating overhead reverse lunge
    Perform two reps and rest for the remainder
  3. 1 minute of clean and jerk
  4. 1 minute of stretching
  5. 30 seconds of rest

In total 4.5 minutes per round
Repeat for 6 rounds


#2 is just two reps, that’s all you should be able to do in one minute when you do it slow enough.

#4 my stretches are hip and thoracic hyperextension into the pike and alternating pigeon stretch. This covers everything at the front and back, especially shoulders and glutes.


I finished with 6 minutes of mobility work with the alternating Sots press.


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Double #kettlebell alternating Sots press, great for after your workout, spend 6 to 10 minutes on yourself. ? deep squat ? feet flat on the ground ? curl and press one side overhead ? slightly curl/pull the other side but don’t lift it ? keep pressing up and working on the thoracic and shoulder ? keep pressing into the ground with your feet ? don’t hang/sit into the position ? stay 10 to 15 seconds in position then alternate ? Great for thoracic/shoulder/hip/knee/ankle mobility ? The slight pull on the dead side will get you in a deeper position with the ankles and hips You might not see it but there is a lot of correction going on in those 15 seconds. After the press, stretch the hammies for 10 secs. More on www.cavemantraining.com Hundreds of videos on YouTube.com/Cavemantraining Join us on Reddit www.reddit.com/r/kettlebell_training

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