Teaching the Kettlebell Swing Insert

This Cavemantraining PVC Pipe Drill for the Kettlebell Swing Insert is one I use to help the athlete experience what the hip hinge insert feels like at the end of the swing.
The insert is what happens during the kettlebell swing when the bell drops, the athlete remains in full extension, waits for the bell to hit the right height before hip hinging, and then hinges while performing the kettlebell insert and pushing it through the legs, to the back.

Teaching the Kettlebell Swing

To perform the drill, take a long PVC pipe and find two beams which you can put the pipe behind:

  1. back is facing the PVC pipe
  2. hip hinge
  3. grab the pipe with arms through the legs
  4. correct posture
  5. walk forward as far as possible while remaining in position

You can ask the athlete to release and come into full extension while you hold the pipe in place. Imagine the bell dropping, remain in extension, wait, wait, hip hinge, insert, grab the pipe and remain in position for a few seconds. This drill will help you teach a proper kettlebell swing with a hip hinge.

Don’t forget, there is also the squat swing and stiff legged kettlebell swing.


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