Full-body Kettlebell Workout One Four Six WOD—amazingfreakin workout

Sometimes you got one of these amazing combinations that you just don’t care what the objective is, who cares what muscles it works! But that aside, this one works your full body and tests everything you have. Video available at the top of the page.

These are 4 short 6-minute tasks, 3 are with added weight, the last one is a nice little finisher with bodyweight only. Because the 4 tasks are so short you can give it your all! After every 6 minutes, you take 2 to 3 minutes rest.

Workout 1
6 minutes
2 x Deadlift (squat style) High Pull
Alternating Reverse Lunge

The deadlift is squat style but it’s not a sumo squat, which means the feet are not so far apart, you want to keep your torso upright, look ahead, finish the deadlift, full hip and knee extension, then high pull with the shoulders, not the biceps, this means your elbows need to lead, keep the kettlebell close to the body, don’t go higher than just below the chin, control the kettlebell on the way down and repeat. After you’ve done two deadlift high pulls, perform the alternating reverse lunge with just your bodyweight this is one round. With the high pull, the focus is on the anterior delts, not the biceps, if in the movement the elbows don’t lead you’re changing focus from delts to the forearm and upper arm.

Pick a weight that you can finish the 6 minutes with, it’s probably around 30 to 40% of your 1RM for each exercise.

Workout 2
6 minutes
2 x Jerk
Overhead Reverse Lunge

Perform 2 single arm jerks and on the last jerk keep your kettlebell overhead and perform a reverse lunge, this is one round. You can switch when you feel like it, you can switch at 3 minutes or before you fatigue on one side. If you’re not at the stage of jerking yet, then perform a push press instead, or even a press, but the more you use your lower body the longer you’ll last and the more you can do.

Crossfit efficiency

Workout 3
6 minutes
5 x Bent-over Dead Rows
2 x Tricep Push-ups Scorpion Style

I don’t need to say much about Bent-over Rows as much of it is covered in the following video and if you do a search on Cavemantraining.com you’ll find even more! After your rows, you transition as smoothly as possible into your triceps push-ups scorpion style.


Workout 4
6 minutes
Tuck Jump Burpees

This is an awesome finisher to the workout, it’s where you go all out and put everything in that you have left in your tank. I recommend you do the burpees squat style and reduce stress on your knees and lower back.

This workout is as much about mobility as it is about speed and endurance. Can you move from one exercise to the next in a flowing movement, can you go fast on each rep, can you last for the full six minutes without stopping?

Mobility, coordination, proprioception, speed and technique equals efficiency.

Missed the video? Check the top of the page.

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