Heavy kettlebell WOD

Heavy WOD: DUO BRUTUS—a brute of a workout

This is DUO BRUTUS, a heavy kettlebell WOD.

A brute of a workout that leaves you dead on the ground at the end.


Your first task is with a heavy kettlebell, unilateral work, you’ll be switching from side to side. Your second task is again unilateral work with a heavy kettlebell, bringing the weight from dead to overhead upon each rep, how you do it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s safe! The final task is a brute of a task, working in duo’s, one partner is performing deadlifts while the other performs farmer walks with one kettlebell. Either partner decides when to switch, but as soon as that bell is put down or switches hands during the walk, a partner switch is required.

“This kettlebell WOD is extremely well designed, and loads of fun too”

This workout comes with basic details (this page), video explaining the workout, and a printable PDF with pages of information about scaling, the exercises, weight, etc. Enjoy!


Your first task:

Using one heavy kettlebell. Rx 24kg for men and 16kg for females.

  • 1 single arm kettlebell swing
  • Switch
  • 1 swing clean

Equals one round.

This is also a great dynamic warm-up for what’s about to come. Try and rest in racking position rather than putting the kettlebell down. Not sure how to rack properly?


2 minutes rest


Your second task:

Using heavy kettlebells. Rx 24kg for men and 16kg for females.

  • Dead to overhead

Equals one rep, as many reps as possible.

The weight can be brought overhead anyway possible, from press, push press, jerk, to snatch. The weight can be cleaned anyway possible, from assisted dead clean, swing dead clean, to dead clean.


3 minutes rest


Your third and final task:

  1. Racked deadlift with two kettlebells
  2. Farmer walks with one heavy kettlebell


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This is the main task of the workout, it’s partner work, communication required. One athlete picks up the kettlebell and starts walking a pre-defined route (circle, squat, rectangle etc.), the moment the weight is picked up the other athlete starts deadlifting, counting each rep. When the walking athlete switches hands or puts the weight down, a switch is required. When switching, the athlete deadlifting will provide the number of reps performed to the other athlete, the athlete that starts deadlifting will start count at the next rep of the total thus far. For example, if the total was 43, then the he/she will start 44, 45, and so on, again passing the running total on the partner upon the switch.

The deadlifts are with one kettlebell racked and one kettlebell dead on the ground. Pick your weights wisely, it’s 20 minutes of work. Rx for males is 32kg farmer walks, 40kg deadlifts, this can be one 16kg and one 24kg, or any other combination that makes up 40kg. Rx for females is 24kg farmer walks, 32kg deadlifts.


Watch the video below with much more info on the workout. Download the PDF with many pages of info, on the exercises, scaling and workout.



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