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Kettlebell Workout TWENTYTWENTY – Insane, advanced, but awesome

Right of the bat, I need to let you know that this kettlebell workout is insane, advanced, but extremely awesome.

Then, I need to tell you that I’m generally not a fan of programming Turkish Get-ups and windmills as a FOR TIME task. But, as with everything else, there are exceptions to the rule. Those rules are:

  1. Your audience needs to have mastered the Turkish Get-up, Windmill, and Burpee
  2. Your audience needs to adhere to the rules of the grinding exercises
  3. Your audience leaves their ego at the door
  4. Your audience puts safety first


FIVE. Your audience knows how to adjust the workout to suit them. Meaning, they adjust the weight, reps, rest, rounds, etcetera to suit their level of capabilities/conditioning. The workout details are below, but if you want the warm-up technique, workout technique, common mistakes, programming, alternatives, progressions, cooldown, and other videos just like this follow-along kettlebell workout, then you should join our Caveman Inner Circle.


This is TWENTYTWENTY by Cavemantraining.



Bodyweight TGU into a windmill
4 cross mountain climbers
3 minutes

Alternating hip circles into arms overhead into alternating reach
1 minute

Repeat 2 times

20 CrossFit burpees



With one heavy weight perform within 1 minute the TGU into windmill followed by 6 CrossFit burpees.

1-minute active recovery of Hindu squat into downward dog.

4 rounds.

Attempt to complete the TGU into a windmill on each side followed by 20 CrossFit burpees within 2 minutes.

1-minute rest.

Repeat everything above twice, apart from the last minute of rest.

3 minutes rest.


Grab a much lighter weight and perform FOR TIME

  • 20 TGU’s on each side
  • 20 windmills on each side
  • 20 CrossFit burpees


Weight selection. I used 20kg (but would have used 24kg if I had access to it) for the first part of the workout and then 12kg for the last task (FOR TIME). I was thinking about 16kg for the last task but then I remembered to leave my ego at the door. The goal of the last task it muscular endurance, so you want to try and get as many reps out without putting the weight down, and you also need to complete all reps on one side first.


Here’s what you get. Heavy grind into high-intensity cardio interval with active recovery for 4 minutes, followed by 2 minutes starting with a grind and then having to go all out to attempt to complete the 20 burpees (it’s workout 2020 after all!). You do all that nasty stuff two times.

Then you end with a task that is 4 x 20 reps of muscular endurance ending with a bang of 20 burpees. ENJOY.

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