Terrance Ndlovu is an East London based Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer and RKC certified kettlebell instructor. Terrance submitted a workout to Cavemantraining which consists of 50 reps per round, performed for 5 rounds. You should aim to complete each round without putting the kettlebell down.

Recommended weight for the workout is 24kg for men and 12kg for females, but of course you know best as for what weight you should use and can complete a round with.


Hardstyle Kettlebell Workout by RKC Instructor

Broken down the workout is as follows:

  • 10 full snatches left side
  • 10 full snatches right side
  • 10 single arm swings left side
  • 10 single arm swings right side
  • 5 front squats right side
  • 5 front squats left side

Rest 2 minutes and repeat for five rounds.

Hardstyle Workout by RKC Instructor

You can find Terrance on Instagram here instagram.com/terrance.ndlovu

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