BELL BASTARD: A Not So Nice Kettlebell Ladder

A not so nice kettlebell ladder: clean, squat, and snatch



This workout comes with basic details (this page), two videos explaining the workout, a printable PDF with 11 pages of information about scaling, the exercises, weight, etc. Enjoy!


Your first task:

Using one light to medium kettlebell.

  • 3 kettlebell high swings
  • 3 squat and frontal raise
  • 3 kettlebell high swings

Equals one round.

The high swings are to progress to the snatch in the main task, the frontal raise is to tax the shoulders, hence, you’ll need to swing high enough in the main task to take the load of those by then taxed shoulders.

2 minutes rest

Your second task:

Using two medium weight kettlebells, picked carefully so you can complete the set. Rx 2 x 16kg for men, 2 x 12kg for females.

  • Swing Clean
  • Racked Squat
  • Full Snatch

Ladder 1, 2, 3, 4 equals one round.

Used as a ladder, first you will do one of each, i.e. one clean, one squat, one snatch, don’t put the bells down! Then you do two of each, then three, and finally four. Then you put the kettlebells down. If you break the set, you do 10 crush grip push-ups.

This will be a mental challenge for anyone. Halfway through the set you’re smiling, but that won’t last long.

3 minutes rest

And because we all love some additional work, next task is push-ups. you better hope you did not break too many sets!

Your third and final task:

  • Push-ups ‘Any’



Watch the video below with much more info on the workout, lots of explaining and talking in this one. There is also the short version on Youtube here. Download the PDF with 11 pages of info, on the exercises and workout.


Crush grip push-ups are awesome if you’re not including them in your workouts yet, check it out, adds a new level of stability, and pec work to your push-ups!.



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