Kettlebell Crush Push-up

If you want to add an amazing kettlebell exercise to your training that challenges the triceps, pectorals and core stability, have a look at the Kettlebell Crush Push-up!

I love putting this one in my workouts, recently put it as a task for time in the Filthy Fifty. Have a look at the exercise below and then I’ll tell you more about it.


#Kettlebell crush pushups. Stability. If you do this right you’ll feel it where?

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At first when you look at it you might think “what’s the difference between this and a tricep or diamond push-up?”. Well, you have to keep the handle off the ground, this adds to the stability requirement, you have to continuously find your balance, then the most important part is that you crush the bell on the sides, not resting with your palms on the bell. This requires you to contract your pecs throughout the movement. Pump out a set of fifty and I guarantee your pecs will thank you for it.

You’ll need competition bells to do this and you can also use a towel if your hands are very sweaty. Let me know what you think.

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