Cinco Tres Cinco WOD

Cinco Tres Cinco WOD

5 repetitions, 3 exercises, five awesome rounds FOR TIME! Do this WOD and post your results below or on our Facebook.


  • 5 Barbell Power Snatches
  • 5 Dead to Overhead Deadlift (each side)
  • 5 Push-up to Chin Above Bar

Five rounds FOR TIME.


℞ for males
40kg barbell
2 x 24kg kettlebell

℞ for females
25kg barbell
2 x 16kg kettlebell


The dead to overhead deadlift is an amazing kettlebell combo which will help you with your overhead work, it increases your overhead mobility drastically. The dead part means that the kettlebell goes dead to the ground upon each rep, how you get it overhead is up to you, fastest is snatching, but you can clean and press, clean and jerk or choose any other safe option. The deadlift part is also up to you, you can squat, you can lunge and you can windmill, for obvious reasons you can not hip hinge. You repeat this on both sides.

The push-up to chin above bar is like the above, flexible, you choose your push-up, chest, tricep, hell, if you’re full of energy make it an explosive push-up, then chin above bar, again, you choose, chin-up, pull-up or muscle up, as long as the chin goes above bar.


You can view the dead to overhead deadlift below, but you can watch the whole video by unlocking it, register as a free member or help share/like.

Dead to Overhead Deadlift. 5 each side, part of todays workout. Posted on soon.

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Cinco Tres Cinco #wod #kettlebells #crossfit More on our website

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Unlock the full video below and see all exercises.

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