Gorilla Blackback Workout

For those that have been following Cavemantraining for a while, they know the Silverback Workout which was designed in 2016 and redone in 2018. A 20-minute AMRAP with low reps and medium weight.

This is the new workout, which features exercises like Gorilla Rows and Gorilla Curls. Let’s get stuck into it.


The Kettlebell Workout:

  • 4 x Gorilla Rows
  • 4 x Gorilla Cleans
  • 4 x Gorilla Curls
  • 4 x Renegade Rows Deadlift



Use two kettlebells of light to medium weight. The curls are the exercises upon which you need to base your weight, i.e. you might be able to perform all other exercises with two 24’s but you struggle to maintain even close to a proper curl with that, it ain’t the weight to be using. The curl is also the exercise with which you run the most risk of tendon issues. So, check your ego at the door and pick the weight based upon the Gorilla Curls!


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Kettlebell Gorilla Rows

Come into a hip hinge with the hips pushed back and the back parallel to the ground. Lean on one kettlebell as you work with the other. Row into the groin, we want to target the rear delts, so, row back and focus on the forearm being relaxed.


Kettlebell Gorilla Cleans

These are my favorite cleans and have been covered a lot on our YouTube channel and in our online kettlebell course which I can highly recommend if you’re wanting to get efficient with cleans and also get many new ideas to use in your kettlebell training.


Kettlebell Gorilla Curls

As with the rows, you want to come into a hip hinge with the hips pushed back and the back parallel to the ground. Lean on one kettlebell as you work with the other. You want the elbows to flare out to the side and bring the hand towards the middle of the chest. No tight grip, just let the handle loosely rest in the gorilla grip. Try and refrain from moving anything else but the elbow and elbow flexors.



Renegade Rows Deadlift

In a plank position, row one side into the hips, row the other, this is usually one rep, but we’re also going to kick it back in each time with the feet landing flat next to the kettlebells just on the outside. Unlock two videos below where you see the workout in action. The Instagram videos don’t feature the deadlift, however, the final workout does include a deadlift.


Here’s the beast of Silverback, take note that it’s an advanced workout, so is the Gorilla Blackback workout. One should not just attempt or have a go at it. Keep following our videos and social media, as we’ll soon be putting out three videos for the Gorilla Blackback workout, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The silverback and blackback will be workouts that you’ll be calling upon for many years of training.


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