WOD Barbell + Kettlebell + Calisthenics: DOSMIO

This WOD is called DOSMIO, as in ¡Dios mío!, or “oh my god!”, but with Dos instead of Dios, because the reps are two. Two in Spanish is Dos.

Reps and weight are kept low to focus on technique. You could see this as a 24-minute WOD that allows you to train. Working out is not the same as training.

The workout taxes your cardiovascular system more than anything else, as you’ll be moving through all planes of movement.

There is squatting, pulling, hip hinging, overhead work, pushing and more. No dropping of the weight from above knee line, we’re taking advantage of the down phase.




  • 2 Squat Snatches Barbell
  • 2 Jerks Barbell
  • 2 Double Kettlebell Full Snatches
  • 2 Double Kettlebell Jerks
  • 2 Tricep Push-ups
  • 2 Chin-ups

24 min. AMRAP


  • Male:
    • Barbell 40kg
    • Kettlebell 2 x 16kg
  • Female
    • Barbell 30kg
    • Kettlebell 2 x 12kg

These are recommendations, adjust to a suitable level, but remember, the goal is to keep moving from exercise to exercise, round to round, hence, weight needs to be suitable.

Scaling for kettlebell work:

  • Jerk → Push Press
  • Snatch → Half Snatch → 4 x Swing Clean


If you’re scaling, this is what half snatch looks like.



Instantly take your kettlebell training to the next level with these tips, and kettlebell grips, download the PDF to your computer for future reference.



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