Kettlebell Strength Workout—The Powerful Asgard Ladder

This is a kettlebell strength workout designed by Michael Ajibulu Caveman Master Trainer in the UK. In the video, he demonstrates the Asgard complex, and below is the ladder workout. The Asgard kettlebell complex is a popular complex designed by Cavemantraining and fully explained in our book Kettlebell Complexes Made Simple, also available as a full-length video with progressions and alternatives.



  • Double arm swing
  • Upside down horn clean
  • Press

4 minutes of work


The Asgard Ladder (QR—quality reps)

Double kettlebell work.

  1. Dead squat curl
  2. Rack
  3. Stand up
  4. Strict shoulder press (strict)
  5. Rack
  6. Bent-over row
  7. Dead
  8. Renegade row
  9. Squat deadlift
  10. Dead

@ 16kg x 5reps
@ 20kg x 3reps
@ 24kg x 1rep

2 to 3 rounds and rest as required

Quality reps are required, so, make sure to slow down and focus on form and technique.

If you enjoy strength workouts like these, if you enjoy amazing kettlebell complexes, and if you want to learn new kettlebell exercises/workouts each week, then check out our weekly online follow-along kettlebell workouts.

Vary the weight according to your abilities, it could be 8kg, 12kg, and 16kg, or 24kg, 28kg, and 32kg. But as always, leave your ego at the door, and don’t underestimate the squat dead curls, they are the ones you want to base your max weight on. Make sure to post in our groups once you completed this workout. Feel free to ask questions and tag Michael.


Michael Ajibulu is available for kettlebell workshops in the UK and personal training in Essex.

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