Kettlebell Workouts for instructors and trainers

Kettlebell Workouts and Programs for Trainers

There are over 180 kettlebell workouts available in our kettlebell library that have been professionally designed by a certified kettlebell coach at Cavemantraining.

The workouts and programs are available for licensing by gym, personal, and group trainers to teach their clients or use in group sessions.

We have kettlebell workouts and programs on paper and also combined with videos that show the execution of the exercises, alternatives, and progressions so that you can build your clients up to the full workout over a period of time.

The workouts range from beginner to advanced, and advanced workouts can be scaled back to beginner workouts with the alternatives and progressions. There are workouts with double kettlebell but they can also be performed with a single kettlebell.

Licensed Kettlebell Workouts For Trainers and Instructors

We have several workout licensing options for trainers and fitness instructors:

1). Join the inner circle which gives access to over 180 kettlebell workouts with technique, common mistakes, alternatives and progressions, programming, and follow-along videos. The cost is $499 per year which includes the licensing to use the workouts in your gym or with your personal training clients. This option comes with a years worth of personalized optional coaching for yourself or your gym instructor.

This option also includes follow-along warm-ups and cooldowns.

2). 80 workouts in digital books including licensing to use the workouts in your gym or with your personal training clients as a one off purchase is $250.

3) .The strength program Prometheus II and endurance program The Pace Maker Protocol is included with the one year inner circle license but can be purchased separately for licensing as a one-off purchase $200. The programs include videos, digital books, tracker, checklist, and more.

Workout Licensing Restrictions

The workouts can only be used within your gym or with your clients and not redistributed outside of that. When advertising the workouts outside of your gym or client base, i.e. in public, they will need to be advertised as “Workouts designed by Cavemantraining“.

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