How To Use a Kettlebell For Strength

I filmed several How to Kettlebell videos, here is the transcript from the video on how to use a kettlebell for strength. You can watch the two videos on this page with the first one at the top of this page and the second one underneath.

What’s up everyone! How to use a kettlebell for strength properly.

I’m Taco Fleur, a certified kettlebell coach and owner of Cavemantraining. I’m going to talk to you about how to use a kettlebell for strength properly.

Some great kettlebell exercises for strength are the squat, shoulder press, chest press, and row but certainly not limited to.

The optimal rep range to work in is 1 to 6 reps and rest for 3 to 5 minutes. I use my rest to work on my body and mobility, check out the many other videos on this channel about active recovery and CAVEMANROM. For maximal strength, you want to work with 1 rep max, which is the maximum amount of weight you can lift for only one repetition.

Let’s demo some of the exercises:

  • squat
  • shoulder press 
  • chest press 
  • row

There are many more videos on our channel that go into more details which I highly recommend you check out, for example; how to rack a kettlebell, how to hold a kettlebell, and many other kettlebell strength exercises like for example the kettlebell biceps curl.

For a great kettlebell strength workout, check out THE BIG FOUR workout, it’s free and available on our website, or check the video here first and then our website for more details.

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