The Pine Pollen Tincture: The Best Supplement You Aren't Using

The Pine Pollen Tincture: The Best Supplement You Aren’t Using

If you’re a serious athlete you’ve probably tried whey protein, BCAAs, and pre-workout formulas without getting the results you want. If that’s you, then you should consider throwing that junk out and trying a Pine Pollen Tincture instead.


What is a Pine Pollen Tincture?

A Pine Pollen Tincture is a concentrated liquid extract made from the raw Pollen of the Masson Pine Tree.

I know what you’re thinking, “That’s great, but what makes Pine Pollen so special?” That’s a great question, and I’m glad you asked.

Pine Pollen is one of the most nutritious foods on the planet and contains everything a serious athlete needs to accelerate results in the gym and support muscle growth and optimal recovery after an intense training session.

Pine Pollen has been shown in various studies to contain over 200 different nutrients that include: amino acids, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds, plant sterols, and plant-based androgens.

Obviously, dense nutrition is something every athlete needs in order to feel great and perform optimally, but what makes Pine Pollen a truly special recovery and performance tool is the presence of its phyto-androgen hormones that include testosterone, DHEA, epitestosterone, androsterone, and androstenedione.

Though these hormones are present in small amounts, supplementing with Pine Pollen can have a powerful impact on your gym results.

The anabolic hormones present in Pine Pollen are essential to building muscle and repairing the damage caused by intense strength training, and as every serious athlete knows, peak testosterone and optimized hormone levels are key to truly feeling and performing your best.
Pine Pollen’s natural testosterone and other hormones help to support and complement the body’s own testosterone production, helping the body to recover quicker and build muscle FASTER..


So Again, What is a Pine Pollen Tincture and Why Is it the Best Supplement You aren’t taking?

Like I mentioned previously, a Pine Pollen Tincture is a liquid extract made from raw Pine Pollen.

A Pine Pollen Tincture is made by mixing raw Pine Pollen with MCT coconut oil and cooking it under low heat (much like tea) to extract and concentrate Pine Pollen’s hormones and other fat-soluble nutrients into the coconut oil.

Raw Pine Pollen is great too, but when you eat the raw pollen many of its natural hormones and nutrients are destroyed in the digestive system, requiring you to eat a large amount of it in order to get a therapeutic dose.

The advantage of the Pine Pollen Tincture is that concentrated liquid is placed directly under the tongue and absorbed through the salivary glands, directly in the bloodstream.

This sublingual absorption method bypasses the digestive system so that you can take full advantage of the natural constituents present in the Pine Pollen Tincture, without losing any of its power.

Again, raw Pine Pollen is good and loaded with nutrients, but the Pine Pollen Tincture is the way to go if you want to take full advantage of Pine Pollen’s unique androgens.


Pine Pollen Tincture

How do you use a Pine Pollen Tincture?

To use a Pine Pollen Tincture you simply squirt one to two eyedroppers full under your tongue and hold it there for 1 to 2 minutes. This allows the pollen to absorb into the bloodstream and immediately go to work helping to support your workout efforts.

After you wait for a couple of minutes simply swallow the residual liquid and that’s it. The remaining Pine Pollen liquid will be processed and absorbed by the stomach and intestinal tract.

Conclusion: Pine Pollen is an incredibly powerful superfood with all of the nutrients a serious lifter/athlete needs to build muscle and recover faster from serious workouts.

The Pine Pollen Tincture, in my opinion, is the most effective form of Pine Pollen due to its high concentration of Pine Pollen’s natural androgens and unique delivery system that bypasses the digestive tract.

As I said, you’ve probably tried all of the junk pushed by the dairy, soy, and caffeine industries (i.e., whey, BCAAs, and pre-workouts) without getting the results you want. Why continue down a path that is like having the opposite effect on your training?

Maybe it is time to try a Pine Pollen Tincture instead.


Want to give a Pine Pollen Tincture a try? Click here.

Disclaimer: Pine Pollen may not be suitable for everyone. Always consult your physician prior to starting any supplement routine.

About the Author: Michael DiCroce is the founder of Pine Pollen Superfoods and Train for Longevity. Michael is a superfood and healthy lifestyle advocate with a mission to get people to replace their garbage supplements with real, nutrient-dense superfoods.

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