Are kettlebells easy to learn?

Are kettlebells easy to learn?

No, they are not. Not if we’re comparing them to other exercise tools like barbells or dumbbells. Out of all the tools I’ve used for exercise over the past decades, the kettlebell is the most difficult to learn and has the highest learning curve. But it’s well worth investing the time. And the great thing is that once you have mastered the kettlebell, you set yourself apart from all the others and you have one up on them.


To truly learn the kettlebell to where you don’t need to wear gloves, are not banging your forearms, not ripping your hands, not creating tendon issues, and not hurting your lower back, you need to be dedicated and invest time. The great thing is that once you invested that time you’ll reap the rewards and never look back.



Once again, to be clear, kettlebells are easy to learn if you:

  1. Invest the time
  2. Find the right learning resource
  3. Follow the proper path of progression

Kettlebells are not easy to learn compared to most other exercise tools out there. Kettlebells have a higher learning curve but they also come with more benefits.



Common kettlebell issues

Some common kettlebell issues are:

  1. Blisters
  2. Bruising
  3. Tendinitis
  4. Lower back pain

Might I note that these are issues are only experienced by people because they want to take a shortcut and are not devoted to truly learning how to properly handle the kettlebell and get the most from one of the best exercise tools out there today.

Rather than learning how to prevent bobbing, opening up and insert, drop not cast, delaying the hip hinge, and so much more, they continue to practice the incorrect technique with gloves and wrist bands as the remedy to some of these issues.


Are kettlebells good for beginners?

Yes, kettlebells are incredibly good for beginners as long as the proper path is followed for progression, and education in kettlebells is sought. As a beginner in kettlebells, it’s important that you research kettlebells grips, how to safely lift the kettlebell, how to rack the kettlebell, how to clean the kettlebell, how to swing a kettlebell, and how to press a kettlebell. All these things and more are covered in our online kettlebell course for the starting enthusiast. We also have a kettlebell course for trainers.

The latter is also extremely suitable for people that want coaching and assessments, it’s a lot dearer than the first course, but that’s because you get a certificate, personalized coaching, assessments, and more. It’s like having your own kettlebell coach at home.


Which kettlebells should I start with?

This is a popular question asked by almost everyone that starts with kettlebell training and we’ve provided a great resource to answer this question based upon the answers to some simple questions. Check it out and download the free PDF Which kettlebells should I start with? Or buy yourself a kettlebell starter kit and get it all.


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