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Kettlebell System For Progressive Volume Increase

“Is there a system or program to follow for a progressive increase in volume on par with something like Strong Lifts for barbells?

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We’ve created a protocol called THE PACE MAKER PROTOCOL which addresses weight, pace, and volume. The program is designed to take anyone with absolutely no fitness to high levels of fitness that includes strength, cardio, muscular endurance, and mental endurance.


The protocol is sold from our shop together with technique, programming, how to avoid common mistakes, alternatives and progression, and follow-along workout plus so much more. You also get an ebook, checklist, and tracker.

  1. Start with a light weight
  2. Start at a slow pace
  3. Start with low volume
  4. Complete the volume unbroken
  5. Increase volume
  6. Complete the full workout unbroken
  7. Increase the pace
  8. Reach a continuous pace
  9. Increase the weight
  10. Repeat from step 4

We also have a protocol that deals more with flexibility and is called the CAVEMANROM Protocol.

The CAVEMANROM kettlebell protocol is one of the most important sets of rules to follow if you want to see progression while staying safe and injury-free. Also available as an online kettlebell certification for those that want to make sure they do things right and have a certificate to show so.

  1. Bodyweight first
  2. Continue until the full minimum range of motion is achieved
  3. Master the movement eliminating sticking points
  4. Add light load
  5. Control both the eccentric and concentric phase
  6. Continue until you can perform the movement slowly and controlled
  7. Continue until the added load feels like bodyweight
  8. Eliminate aches and pains
  9. Increase load slightly
  10. Stay on the light side of the spectrum; Do not perform 1RM reps
  11. Repeat from step 3

We also have a private group where we have all these programs available plus 180+ other full-length follow-along kettlebell workouts. The members also get access to optional coaching.

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