From Zero to Kettlebell Superhero in 4 Weeks

Read the book in your own time and become a kettlebell enthusiast, or take the online course and become PRO trainer.

Perhaps you gave up on kettlebell training because you were not provided with the right information? Learn how to fix all those issues.

Maybe you’re still training, but experiencing, bruising, pains, strains, blisters, or other annoyances?

Read the book or take the course. Lay a solid foundation upon which you can become a PRO kettlebell enthusiast or trainer.

Over 24,000 words. Audiobook. Hundreds of photos. Links to videos. Over a decade of experience in one book.

Learn how to work with one portable versatile tool, which will allow you to perform compound exercises, train unilateral, and in every aspect of fitness imaginable; cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, mobility, strength, agility, muscular endurance, and much much more.

Train not only for awesome aesthetics, but also for abilities like, improved proprioception, speed & power, plus many other abilities that will help improve not only daily life, but also performance in all types of sports, golf, tennis, baseball, MMA, BJJ etc.

You decide, buy the book and learn on your own, or buy the online course and become certified.

You could pay a kettlebell instructor thousands of dollars, and more than likely still not learn all of the finer details and secrets learned from this resource.

Suitable for complete novices who have never touched a kettlebell in their life, but also for those who have been training for a while, but have not had the opportunity to lay the proper foundations and understand the important intricacies of kettlebell training.

“Anyone who starts kettlebell training needs to follow the kettlebell journey step by step; they need to go through the rites of passage; there are no shortcuts.” -Taco Fleur



  • What is kettlebell training
  • Kettlebell safety
  • How to warm up for kettlebell training
  • How to choose your kettlebell
  • Kettlebell grips
  • Basic double-arm swing instructions
  • Kettlebell racking and cleaning
  • Kettlebell pain
  • Kettlebell golden rules
  • Progression for beginners
  • Overhead press
  • Rows
  • Stretching

Buy the book today and start learning right away. Enrol in the online course, get certified, and understand how to train yourself plus others in the art of kettlebell training.


“If you’re a beginner, training in kettlebells or an instructor, it’s definitely a go-to guide on how to start, if not perfect your journey into the world of Kettlebell sport.

Stumbling on to Taco’s Facebook and connecting with him has turned my KB world upside down and made me even more excited about being in the industry – even after teaching KB for 4 years. This book is like having him in the studio with you. It’s gutsy, honest and you won’t walk away with ‘but’s and if’s’ because there are none. He says it like it is and you can either take it and advance yourself, or leave it and pretend like you know everything.”

Lisa Colquhoun


“I really liked the book. Unlike some books that look shoddily put together it’s obvious some time and care has been put into this. Very well laid out, lovely colour photos & diagrams illustrating details on different exercises. The whole thing has a quality ‘feel’.

As for content, it’s right up there with anything I’ve read on kettlebell training. Ideal for a beginner to get them up and running with kettlebell training and tons of details on the finer points of techniques, particularly the section on grips, which even an intermediate or more experienced user can learn from. It also has a ton of links to demonstration videos of the techniques covered.

Touches on training philosophies, goal setting and programming also. Overall I would recommend this book to anyone starting out with kettlebells or wanting to improve their technique / skills and take their training up a level.”

Andy Nolan

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