How to improve hand-eye coordination for fighting and other sports

Kettlebells are great to improve hand-eye coordination for fighting and other sports. Kettlebells are great to improve proprioception which flows through in daily life or sport.

One simple flow works a ton of things. This particular kettlebell combo I put together for instance works:

  • hand-eye coordination
  • proprioception
  • balance
  • core
  • grip
  • hips
  • shoulders

and much more…

This kettlebell combo or kettlebell flow consists out of the following kettlebell exercises:

  • half of a figure eight pass
  • kettlebell one arm swing
  • open palm clean or waiters clean

The 3rd progression also features a press to overhead and reverse lunge which challenges stability, think legs and shoulders, also great for the core.

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This video demonstrates progression from an open palm clean into a waiters clean. You can learn these moves with us online or via the book Master The Kettlebell Clean. We also have fundamental courses that teach the basics of kettlebell training.


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