Difference between a kettlebell dead, swing, and hang snatch

This video demonstrates three of the major snatch variations you can implement with the kettlebell snatch, each having its own benefits. The dead snatch requires the most explosive pull whereas the swinging variation requires the least amount of explosiveness out of all three variations.

The dead and hang snatch is performed with a squat whereas the swing is performed with a hip hinge, having said that, even the swinging variation can be performed with more of a squat (pendulum) than a hip hinge.

The dead and hang snatch require the most pull whereas the swing can be performed more with a push. If you want to truly learn all the intricacies of the kettlebell snatch and become kettlebell online certified, check out our online kettlebell snatch certification. This cert is not only for trainers that want to get a certificate but also for those wanting to understand the snatch and perform it proficiently and safely. There is also a kettlebell snatch book.

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