Caveman Kettlebells

Caveman Kettlebells is our unique signature program which can be a strength, agility, endurance, mobility, cardio, or another form of kettlebell workout.

Kettlebell Fundamentals ■ Nr.1 Video For Every Beginner To Watch

This is the number one kettlebell video that anyone even dreaming about picking up a kettlebell needs to see first! This covers the most important aspects of kettlebell training that will prevent things like bruising, blisters, excessive calluses, and other kettlebell annoyances that might stop you from working with the kettlebell. This video will help prevent so …

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Are kettlebell safe?

Are Kettlebells Safe? No they’re not!

Hello, my name is Taco Fleur and I’m a professional kettlebell coach, online educator, owner of a popular YouTube channel with many years of kettlebell experience and I’m here to tell you that kettlebells are not safe.

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Workout ‘Balls of Steel’

This workout is as Pavel would say ‘a smoker!’. Like every workout I create, I performed this one myself, check the comments for my time and load. Access to download of the PDF is available after registration. Buy your kettlebell shirts here. Workout ‘Balls Of Steel’ 10 x Double Ketlebell Chest Press SWINGS! (one kettlebell) 10 …

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Kettlebell Workout Omnia

A full-body workout that includes explosive, ballistic, and grinding exercises that challenge your strength, flexibility, cardio, and endurance. Videos at the bottom of the page. Download the FREE PDF here Performed with 1 Heavy Kettlebell 1 x Full Snatch 1 x Reverse ‘Any’ Turkish Getup 1 x Full Snatch 1 x Windmill 1 x Full …

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Kettlebell Swing

THE KETTLEBELL SWING One of the most important kettlebell exercises you need to know.– presented by Taco Fleur The kettlebell swing is the foundation for many other kettlebell exercises and therefore it is important you become proficient in this exercise and understand each fine little detail of the exercise. The Kettlebell swing is a full-body …

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Kettlebell Windmill

The Kettlebell Windmill is an exercise that provides benefits for the shoulders, thoracic spine, hips, and more. The shoulders and spine benefit from stability, flexibility, and strength. As the weight is overhead, the torso moves down and up the shoulders move through internal and external rotation, all while the muscles need to work to stabilize …

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