This is the number one kettlebell video anyone who even dreams about picking up a kettlebell needs to see first! This video will help prevent so many issues and will lay a good solid foundation for the dead clean and hand insertion, which in turn is the foundation for a proper and injury free shoulder press and so on.


Any kettlebell enthusiast just starting out should see this video, there are several crucial things to take away from this video:

  • dead lifting (hip hinge or squat style)
  • proper alignment
  • using the legs to lift
  • hand insertion
  • racking


Why is it so important?

Because literally everything you do as a beginner will build upon this, if you get it wrong, it’s going to take a while to unlearn and get it right. Everyone working with kettlebells will be lifting a kettlebell and racking it, unless you’re already lifting it in a more progressed state, then you’re probably lifting wrong.


  1. Squat
  2. Brace
  3. Lift (hook grip)
  4. Assist
  5. Corkscrew
  6. Insert
  7. Handle 45°
  8. Rack (racking grip)
  9. Assist
  10. Corkscrew
  11. Hang (hook grip)
  12. Squat


The lift can be performed with a squat or hip hinge.



Demonstrated in the video is the racking position from which a lot of kettlebell exercises are started, or is the transitional phase for.

→ start of shoulder press
→ end of half snatch
→ start of jerk
→ for front squat

and transition to many other kettlebell exercises. Read the following article for more information on how to find your racking position.


Racking safety grip
Download the PDF on Kettlebell Grips here.



A Weight Lifting Clean is a lower-body powered explosive movement that brings a weight from a lower position to a higher position which is called racking position. ~ Taco Fleur


Watch 4 videos on the kettlebell clean below. Over 10+ kettlebell variations. How to kettlebell clean. How to kettlebell clean (in detail). Double arm swing clean.


In case you missed the video at the top, this is the video this article is about.

Here is another video demonstrating the same technique.


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