Six minute kettlebell workout

6 Minute Kettlebell Workout ‘Little Smoker’

Here’s a little smoker that will get the heart pumping, a short six minute kettlebell workout which I like to do with a heavy weight, I use 30kg, you should do this with a weight that works for you, medium or heavy.

Three exercises of which two are combo’s, four sets of one exercise, 20 second on and 10 seconds rest.

Quick 6 minute interval workout.


You can use this to get a quick 12 minute workout in, 4 minute warm-up, 6 minute workout and 2 minute stretch, or you can repeat this workout by resting for one minute after a round and then repeat another 2 to 4 times.


Set one

  1. Single arm swing (L)
  2. Single arm swing (R)
  3. Single arm swing (L)
  4. Single arm swing (R)

Set two

  1. Dead swing clean and jerk (L)
  2. Dead swing clean and jerk (R)
  3. Dead swing clean and jerk (L)
  4. Dead swing clean and jerk (R)

Set three

  1. Dead clean and squat (L)
  2. Dead clean and squat (R)
  3. Dead clean and squat (L)
  4. Dead clean and squat (R)



If you’re not familiar with the jerk yet, remove it and just do the dead swing clean.


More details

For a more detailed version of the above video with cues and tips on the exercises, see the video below.

For a video on the swing check here

Watch a video below with detailed information on the squat.

Below are two videos which explain the dead clean.


For an article and information on how to find your racking position, please see here.


Click here for a video of my 15 year old son going through a 3 minute interval session. Coming soon.


In case you missed the video at the top, this is the actual workout.

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