Caveman Interval

Interval training is where you program periods of low-intensity, or rest, with high-intensity intervals.

Kettlebell Low Intensity Interval Training

On the opposite you can do LIIT which stands for LOW Intensity Interval Training, which I personally think deserves to have the word TRAINING in it more than HIIT does, HIIT should be HIIW, and if you read my article “Are you working out or training?” then you know what I’m saying. Focus on the movement.

Interval Mobility WOD INMOWOD


Caveman Interval Mobility WOD You know how most people don’t like spending the time working on their range of motion, or working on improving their flexibility, but we all know how it important it is for performance and progression. Caveman INMOWOD is the answer! I’ve designed this format to incorporate mobility, stretching and MMC into the …

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