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This ebook on kettlebell grips is part of the FREE kettlebell fundamentals that Cavemantraining provides to the public. Over 30 pages of information with detailed illustrations. More than 20 grips are covered, download your copy for free below.


excellent document and the content is highly accurate”
~ Valerie Pawlowski World Champion Kettlebell Lifting

Valerie Pawlowski world records

The table of contents for the ebook version 4 last updated December 2016 is as follows:

  • Kettlebell Grips and Racking
    • General Information
    • Why use different grips?
    • 45 Degree Angle
    • Anatomy of the kettlebell
    • Grips
      • Double Hand Grip
      • Swan Grip
      • OK Grip (AKA 2 or 3 Finger Grip)
      • Double Hand Corkscrew Grip
      • Closed Double Hand Grip
      • Hook Grip (AKA Overhand Grip)
      • Closed Hook Grip (AKA C grip)
      • Racking Grip
      • Racking Safety Grip
      • Flat Hand Grip
      • Pinch Grip
      • Farmer Grip (AKA Crush grip)
      • Bottom Up Grip
      • Horn Grip
      • Horn Grip Upside Down
      • Corner Grip
      • Open Hand Horn Grip
      • Loose Grip
      • Interlocking Grip
      • Stacking Grip
      • Open Palm Grip
      • Waiters Grip
      • Goblet Grip
      • Crush Grip
      • Thumb Grip
      • Fireman’s Grip
      • Stacking Grip


Different grips allow you to increase difficulty of exercises and challenge different muscle groups, some grips help you improve with other areas, like the Bottoms Up Grip for example.


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