kettlebell rotational pivot swing

Rotational Pivot Swing And Other Rotational Kettlebell Exercises

I’ve been playing with this move for a while, sort of progressed from a bodyweight warm-up I was doing, then I thought “what happens if I grab a bell?”. You can’t clearly see my feet, but you need to pivot the feet upon each rep. If you find this interesting and want to see a video with the whole body in screen, like, share and leave a comment. 100 and we’ll do a new video for this.


Definitely not an exercise for beginners, also not for heavy bell work, unless you know you can handle it. There is no hip hinge, this is more oblique work. As like with any exercise, don’t do things half-arsed, but definitely stay 100% focussed with this one. Great move for warming up with a light bell prior to lots of other rotational work. Awesome for golfers, baseball players, brazilian jiu jitsu and mma fighters.


  • leave some space between the feet
  • you can start with a conventional double arm swing
  • from the top phase of the swing, guide the bell to the side and back
  • pivot and step out with one foot to prevent pressure on the knee
  • brace the core
  • engage the obliques to swing the bell back up
  • think about making a V pattern with the kettlebell


Following is just a quick video, like, share and leave a comment to see a more detailed video on this rotational kettlebell exercise. Or just leave a comment for the hell of it, I like hearing from people.



When ordinary people see this, they will say crap like “sloppy“, “stupid“, “why?” and lots of other stuff. I’m not saying they’re wrong, I’m not saying they’re right, everything within proper context, I’ve got an article in the pipeline with an answer for these people. Stay tuned if you have haters or people who just don’t get your unconventional exercises, because you’ll be wanting to direct them to the article.


BTW this is not a Blade Swing nor is it Scott Sonnon’s SwingBlade. Want to find out how you can get access to more videos of rotational exercises? See below.


This exercise goes well together with the other rotational stuff we’ve put out, see following videos.



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