Kettlebell Snatches ripped calluses

1 Simple Snatch Adjustment And Stop Banging Your Wrist And Ripping Your Hands!


Did you know that you can snatch a kettlebell without banging the wrist? Did you know that you can do high volume reps without ripping your hands? Yes, it’s possible!


Most people get taught to let the kettlebell flip over their fist —I was too, many moons ago—, and yes, if you get really good at timing and technique the banging can be fine-tuned to extremely low impact. But most people give up before they get the technique down, or before they do so, they start using wrist padding and/or gloves. Don’t!


So for clarity and reference, lets call this the ‘Flipping Technique’ and for simplicity call the technique that will provide less impact on your body, the ‘Corkscrew Technique‘.


In my humble professional opinion, the most damaging part of the flipping technique is on the down phase, this is where I even see the most seasoned kettlebell trainers rip their hands when doing high reps of 100, 200 or more. And yes, it’s cool to take a photo of that —I’ve done it— it’s almost like a rite of passage. But, it’s not that cool when you’re a kettlebell trainer for a living and need several weeks off because your hands need to heal, even worse when you get an infection and you have to chop those beauties off (just kidding).


Now, not to pat my own back, but to let you know that YOU don’t need to rip your hands when doing high volume, I performed 500 snatches in one session and did not have one problem, neither did Anna.


My promise to you!

Like this post, tag someone and join the group Kettlebell Snatch and I swear to you, I will post information and slow-motion videos demonstrating how you too can implement a better technique and prevent banging and ripping.

Kettlebell Snatches ripped calluses


The technique I’m talking about does not involve the kettlebell flipping over the fist at any stage, on the up phase the bell goes around the fist, on the down phase —and there are several options, we’ll cover those later— the elbow bends, the grip changes from relaxed to hook grip where the handle bypasses most of the palm, thus preventing friction and ripped skin.

There is way more to be said, but if you’re really interested, stay tuned.

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