Racking safety grip

Kettlebell Grips and Kettlebell Racking

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time researching and employing all possible kettlebell grips, from this research I have created a PDF containing 25+ kettlebell grips described with photo illustrations, the PDF is included with our online kettlebell course, but you can now get this PDF completely free below.

The PDF covers things like the anatomy of the kettlebell, 25+ kettlebell grips, common rules, and tips.

Kettlebell grips and racking

Table of Contents
Kettlebell Grips and Racking
General Information
45 Degree Angle
Anatomy of the Kettlebell
Double Hand Grip
Double-Hand Corkscrew Grip
Closed Double Hand Grip
Hook Grip (AKA Overhand Grip)
Closed Hook Grip (AKA C grip)
Racking Grip
Racking Safety Grip
Flat Hand Grip
Pinch Grip
Farmer Grip (AKA Crush grip)
Bottom-Up Grip
Horn Grip
Horn Grip Upside Down
Corner Grip
Open Hand Horn Grip
Loose Grip
Interlocking Grip
Stacking Grip
Open Palm Grip
Waiters Grip

Kettlebell Handle 45-degree

People often wonder, why should the kettlebell handle be 45 degrees within the palm of your hand, and think it’s silly, indeed it’s silly if you have been told to do so, but it has not been explained why you should do so!  If you don’t understand the ‘why’, then you either blindly do it, or you’ll ignore it because there appears to be no reason —that you know of— to do so.

But there is a reason! There is a very clear and valid reason to do it, it’s to direct the power for the press in a straight line and more importantly to protect your wrist from injury. Let me explain if your wrist is bent, then there is a kink in the line, and a lot of the power will be lost in that kink, making it harder to press and creating a broken link in the chain with potential for injury.

Watch the video below which explains and demonstrates the 45-degree angle.

illustration of the loose grip with a 45-degree angle of the handle in the racking position

Racking safety grip


You can download the PDF on grips here or take the course here.


I also highly recommend that you download the free PDF Master Kettlebell Racking here.


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