Caveman Kettlebells

Caveman Kettlebells is our unique signature program which can be a strength, agility, endurance, mobility, cardio, or another form of kettlebell workout.

World Kettlebell Video 3 Beginner

A beginner kettlebell workout with 1 kettlebell. A full instructional video can be found below. Transition: Deadlift to a neutral stance 6 x hang lift (double-arm squat style) Transition: Double-arm dead clean 3 x presses L Transition: Double hand switch and clean 3 x presses R Transition: Double-arm backswing drop to dead in position for …

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Kettlebell Gorilla Swings

In my quest to gather all kettlebell exercises in one list I came across the Gorilla Swing, see video below 15:20 mark. Then someone asked about it the other day and I realized that I actually didn't know and had forgotten about it. So I looked it up again. Then I tried it. And I did …

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Magnus Dorsi—A Kettlebell Back Workout

This is one of the best back workouts you can do at home. You can do it with one kettlebell, or up to three if you have them. Awesome strength workout for the back.

Overhead Squat Progression

The overhead squat is a full body exercise and extremely difficult, requiring you to use all muscles and joints, and testing your flexibility + stability to the max. The overhead squat is expensive, the overhead squat is something you need to invest a lot of time in, the overhead squat is also dangerous, go ego …

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The Overhead Bottoms-up Squat

Want to really test your overhead squat mobility? This is the epitome of overhead squat mobility, nothing else shows the world that you've invested time in your shoulders, thoracic, hips, knees, ankles, and more—other than performing a double overhead bottoms-up squat!   Here are a few tips: Bottoms-up press First master the bottoms-up press, if …

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Gorilla Blackback Workout

For those that have been following Cavemantraining for a while, they know the Silverback Workout which was designed in 2016 and redone in 2018. A 20-minute AMRAP with low reps and medium weight. This is the new workout, which features exercises like Gorilla Rows and Gorilla Curls. Let's get stuck into it.   The Kettlebell Workout: …

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