The Overhead Bottoms-up Squat

Want to really test your overhead squat mobility? This is the epitome of overhead squat mobility, nothing else shows the world that you’ve invested time in your shoulders, thoracic, hips, knees, ankles, and more—other than performing a double overhead bottoms-up squat!


Here are a few tips:

Bottoms-up press

First master the bottoms-up press, if you can’t easily press the weight up and keep it overhead, you have no business attempting to overhead squat with it.

Can you squat with it?

Try a bottoms-up front squat, i.e. keep the bell in front of you while squatting, all good? You may continue.

Test your overhead mobility

How deep can you go using this overhead mobility drill?

Can you clean it?

Can you bottoms-up clean? If not, just use your other hand for now, or spend $50 and take our online course designed for the at-home kettlebell enthusiast.

Other tips

  • Keep the elbow directly under the weight while pressing
  • Thumb over index finger if you’re having trouble with the grip
  • Keep pressing up during the squat
  • Grip the handle in the middle
  • Use chalk on the handle if needed
  • Create thoracic extension before the squat
  • Pull the knees out
  • Push the hips down
  • Keep pressing into the ground
  • Maintain pressure to protect the spine but don’t hold your breath
  • L0ok at the bell when just starting out
  • Create thoracic extension
  • Use a light weight to start with
  • Safety first

Need to work on your squat mobility first? There is still time to join us for the squat mobility camp here is the event, and here is the group in which we’ll post.

Why the epitome?

What exactly is so special about the bottoms-up overhead squat, what makes it the epitome of overhead squat mobility? It’s simple, the bottoms up kettlebell requires stability and a direct position above the shoulders with a locked out elbow for it to be a good rep. This exercise will immediately put your weaknesses on display, whether that is stability, strength, triceps, shoulders, thoracic, hips, knees, or ankles.

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